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Before he became president, General Ulysses S. Grant led the union army against the confederate uprising in America's civil war. Grant crushed the insurrectionists and anti-American extremists, resulting in the surrender of confederate general Robert E. Lee at Appomattox Courthouse in April 1865.


Today, in a climate of Qanon supporters, Trumpists, new insurrectionists, and partisan extremists, Grant's mission continues. 

There will be a colossal crisis if authoritarian fanatics take control of any level of government. There will be perpetual logjam if our state governments become defined by the extremes of both political parties. The 1865 Political Action Committee is committed to defeating extremist candidates at the state level. On January 6, 2021, insurrectionist losers attacked the U.S. Capitol. Many elected officials and current candidates supported or were among these traitors. In states across the country, anti-democratic authoritarians are seeking elected or higher office. We will stop them from being elected. 

We will ensure that we are not trading one radical elected for another. While there is no equivalence between a right-wing insurrectionist supporter and a fringe candidate on the opposite end of the political spectrum, our state politics are better when extremist leaders are the exception and not the rule.


Whether its someone fueled by right-wing fanaticism or someone driven by far-left populism, everyone loses when our parties are steered by their most extreme members. America was stronger when we had a healthy two party system that put country first. We want to get back to that.  This is not a project to restore complacent moderation in both parties, this is a mission to resurrect sanity.


So, we seek to elevate common-sense progressives, moderate anti-Trump Republicans, level-headed Independents, and selfless candidates who will work to make life equitable and better for every American.

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